Every patient is a unique individual with a specific lifestyle, goals and expectations. Together we will review these points, explore your treatment options, and I will advise you on the best alternative that fulfills your goals.


Plastic surgery is not a mainstream trending topic, it is a surgical specialty based on decades of vast scientific knowledge that permits us to perform surgery with unparalleled precision. The plastic surgeon must not be a showman or half-trained physician, he should be a serious and equable healthcare professional that excels in every aspect of his practice with integrity. Elective plastic surgeries should never be performed in improvised extra-hospital settings; they should be performed in certified hospitals with top of the line equipment and qualified personnel. I am confident that you will be satisfied by our honest, professional and straightforward approach.

We design every operation precisely, enabling us to deliver unique, personalized results.

The best parameter of success for us is your happiness with your physical improvement and renewed self-image.


Our team is committed to make your experience first-class in every aspect. All of our surgeries are performed in fully accredited and certified hospitals, using the most sophisticated technology and the best surgical methods to provide you with an optimal and safe environment to maximize your results. While it is impossible to predict an individual’s response to surgery, we make every effort to provide you with a fast and smooth recovery. Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS approach is designed to minimize discomfort and create a natural, beautiful, long-lasting result.


During the initial consultation we will take the necessary time to explain every detail and available solution to your specific concerns. Not everything requires surgery, nor every procedure suits everyone. After your evaluation, a personalized solution will be presented to address all of your concerns. The day of your surgery you will be in a comfortable environment at our hospital, with the best available medical equipment and team. Through your surgery, your companions can go out for lunch or wait in a comfortable room where they will be receiving real time updates about the progress of your surgery by our staff. All through the way you will be accompanied by our professional staff. When Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS performs Primary Breast Surgery and other selected surgeries, you can be shopping and dining the same day of your surgery. Take in consideration that with certain surgeries you may need to stay one or more nights in the hospital to receive optimal care…


Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS

Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS is a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who specializes in advanced aesthetic surgery procedures and plastic surgery of the breast. He runs a prestigious private practice in Monterrey, México. As a visionary, Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS has conducted extensive scientific research and developed innovative aesthetic treatments for both women and men. With a keen eye, a gifted mind, and a steady hand for performing masterful plastic surgery he delivers personalized, beautiful results. Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS grew up in Monterrey, one of México’s most modern and prolific cities. He completed his medical education at Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Latin America’s best and most internationally recognized university, where he received his medical degree. ITESM was ranked as the number 1 medical college at the time and has always been among the top three medical colleges in the country. After completing his postgraduate education and training in general and advanced laparoscopic surgery with exemplary performance at Christus Muguerza High Specialty Hospital at Monterrey, he received his Surgery Specialist degree from the University of Monterrey (UdeM). After obtaining his board certification in Surgery, he continued his surgical training at México City, where he spent four additional years as a plastic surgeon training on the fields of aesthetic, reconstructive, breast, craniofacial, pediatric, and trauma plastic surgery. After completing an intensive training program he obtained his Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). After sixteen years of training and unmatched performance Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS is endorsed by three prestigious universities ITESM, UdeM, UNAM, is certified by the General Surgery and Plastic Surgery boards and is a member of multiple medical and scientific associations.

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